The Unification of Religious and Secular…Almost

Every once in a while, the intricacies of politics provides us with a delicious convergence of political interests. A few years ago, the Arab parties had made a deal with the ultra-Orthodox parties to support each other’s initiatives. The deal led now United Arab List MK and Hebrew scholar Ahmad Tibi to burst into a committee meeting shouting “It is an embarrassment and a disaster what we are doing to Judaism!” Continue reading “The Unification of Religious and Secular…Almost”

Weekly Election Update:Stupid or Liar Edition

Weekly Election Update: Bad News Boogie

  • More polls…blah blah blah…Yesh Atid winning…blah blah blah…Low numbers for Labor…blah blah blah…Zionist Union voters prefer Yair Lapid to be prime minister…blah…wait, what? Poor poor Boogie who finished 3rd amongst his own voters behind Yair Lapid and Moshe Ya’alon on the question. Neither Lapid nor Ya’alon are in the Labor party. Continue reading “Weekly Election Update: Bad News Boogie”

Does Yisrael Beiteinu’s New Bill Defend Democracy or Silence Criticism?

Generally, we at Kalpi avoid talking about “the conflict”. Our main goal is to encourage knowledgeable voting and there are already a million things written about “the conflict” so you can read those. However, a recent bill, which is inextricably connected to “the conflict”, brings into question interesting issues related to free speech and the role of government, so wish us luck. Continue reading “Does Yisrael Beiteinu’s New Bill Defend Democracy or Silence Criticism?”