Weekly Election Update: Chuck Norris Counts to Infinity Twice

  • Yair Lapid had a good week as he smells the possibility of the premiership. First, with regards to Bibi-gates, he announced that after he became a politician he stopped accepting gifts. However, some would argue that Yitzhak Herzog’s unfailing determination to destroy the Labor party would count as the greatest present he has ever received. Lapid also announced that he is in negotiations with Gabi Ashkenazi and Moshe Ya’alon to join Yesh Atid. If either joins, YA would gain a security specialist that every party must have in order to be considered seriously. Continue reading “Weekly Election Update: Chuck Norris Counts to Infinity Twice”

Can we Just Legalize Already?

The government has recently eased many of the restrictions on medical marijuana, though the Ministry of Health wants to be very clear that it is not a medicine. In addition, Israel has recently taken steps towards the decriminalization of marijuana possession. In light of the movement towards decriminalization, the Knesset began to work on regulation (see below), supported by a bipartisan array of MKs, to separate marijuana trafficking from medical marijuana exporting. Continue reading “Can we Just Legalize Already?”

Weekly Election Update: One more Year until Elections!

(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Home Births and Cheap Water

Every week the Knesset passes laws that affect our lives…or someone’s life. Here are some of them that were passed last week.

Water Bill – Government Bill – Cheaper water! Starting in April! It’s a really long bill so here’s an article. Continue reading “(Un)Kill(ed) Bill(s): Home Births and Cheap Water”